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A gift every month!

Every month, if you submit a contest here, you have a chance to win an Amazon 30€ gift! I am calling it "The Blogger Lottery".

Avoid Google Form

Google Form is NOT optimized for contests... It is not made for this, here's why: not responsive, social networks are not embed, the form does show on mobile...

More engagment

In Contest Manager form, social networks are directly embed. Liking, following and sharing is way more simple! The result: more engagement, more visibility. Try it and see for yourself... Sharing is super-easy!


Contest Manager can do so many things for you. Each time a contestant fills the form, you receive an email (with Gmail, you can create a label for those emails). At the end of the contest, Contest Manager can pick a winner for you, send him an email...

Bigger email list

Collect email addresses in the process as they fill your form and enlarge your mailing list. You can win hundreds of subscribers with only one contest!

100% free

For now, Contest manager is totally free. Enjoy!
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